A 25,000 kms drive around South America - Oct/Nov 2001

Starting and finishing on Copacapana Beach, Rio de Janeiro. Driving 25,000 kms through six countries: Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Chile and Uruguay. One hundred cars: fifty classics and fifty 4x4's.

Rio de Janeiro

A beautiful clear sunny day. We had breakfast outside and there was a parade going on in the street with many Father Christmases. There are lots of Christmas decorations which look very odd in the summer heat.

We went by taxi to Corcovado and there was a big queue for the train to go up to the top.

Entrance to train station and one of the funicular wheel trains..

They have opened a Visitors' Centre since we were last there, 2 months ago. We were up by the statue just before midday. It was very hot but clear. Tim took photos and the sun was in a much better position than later in the day, when we were there before. We had mandarin juice and a sandwich and bought a t-shirt for Ed.

My co-driver and navigator extraordinaire, enjoying herself relaxing at the the top of Corcavado.

Back at the hotel, we changed and walked to the Copacabana Palace to see the Moffatts. Unfortunately, they weren't there, so we decided to see them tomorrow. We then walked back to the Sofitel.

We had a swim in the Sofitel pool, which was very pleasant, then we sat in the sun and had tea. We said goodbye to lots of people, promising to keep in touch. We met Steve and Nicky and had a drink outside the upstairs bar. We all went to dinner at the Satyricon restaurant in Ipanema. It was excellent and we had wonderful fish, including lobster, with a risotto and a very good Chilean Chardonnay. We went back to the hotel and met Greg, Chris, Lennox and others.