A 25,000 kms drive around South America - Oct/Nov 2001

Starting and finishing on Copacapana Beach, Rio de Janeiro. Driving 25,000 kms through six countries: Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Chile and Uruguay. One hundred cars: fifty classics and fifty 4x4's.

Day 50 - Punta del Este, Uruguay to Porto Allegre, Brazil

We drove to the border with Paul and Charles and went through a different crossing from most of the other participants. Fortunately for us, 2 of the Portuguese from the Rally, father and son, Jose and Ricardo, were there early and smoothed our path. It took only about 20 minutes to cross into Brazil.

It was a long,empty, fairly boring road to Rio Grande. We split from Paul as we were tired of going so slowly. We all took it in turns to drive, finally arriving in Porto Allegre at about 5pm, but we had to put our clocks on an hour.

Driving into Porto Allegre.

Porto Allegre is a fairly seedy place, so we decided to stay in the hotel to eat. It is a large, modern hotel called the Plaza Sao Rafael.

We were very shocked to hear that Paul Marsh had been badly injured when he and Mark Human rolled their car. Paul is in hospital with head injuries. We ate downstairs with Colin and the Robinsons. It was slow service but quite good food. There were lots of other Inca people there. Paul Marsh is in Montevideo for surgery on his neck/spine. He is conscious and Mark Human is with him. The atmosphere in the restaurant was very subdued.

Total distance 473 miles.