A 25,000 kms drive around South America - Oct/Nov 2001

Starting and finishing on Copacapana Beach, Rio de Janeiro. Driving 25,000 kms through six countries: Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Chile and Uruguay. One hundred cars: fifty classics and fifty 4x4's.

Day 52 - Florianopolis - Rest Day

The resort is quite good. We are going to spend the day relaxing, walking and so on. Paul Marsh is said to be recovering and will go home to England in a week's time. After breakfast, we walked along the beach. There was still no sun, but it was very warm and humid. We climbed over the rocks and up the hill near Colin's building and saw petroglyphs.

There are supposed to be huge spiders, but we didn't see any, thank goodness! A large mammal with a long tail ran out from the undergrowth, which I later found out was probably an anteater. We had a beer by the beach, then walked back down to a fish restaurant and had a cocktail - a Lago do Santinho - which was blue, and fish. We drove into Ingleses, the nearest town, for diesel and stamps. It was a peaceful, relaxing day. We had a drink by the pool with the Dyke- Prices, then helped ourselves to the buffet and took it outside to eat. The Noors arrived,  but I don't know where they had been before today. Charlie, Jingers and some others played silly games with beer cans and sun umbrellas.

We have an 8am start to get to Guaruja, near Sao Paulo, leaving out one hotel stop, Paranagua, in order to get to Rio as soon as possible.