A 25,000 kms drive around South America - Oct/Nov 2001

Starting and finishing on Copacapana Beach, Rio de Janeiro. Driving 25,000 kms through six countries: Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Chile and Uruguay. One hundred cars: fifty classics and fifty 4x4's.

Day 55 - Rio de Janeiro - The Finish

The last official day of the rally - Day 55.

We sorted out the packing and the car. Tim and Colin took the Land Cruiser to the Fort and we all met in the bar next door for lunch. Kitty and her son, the family of the film crew's cameraman Tom, arrived to wait for him.

Everyone was lined up at the Finish to cross the line in order, with JB waving his chequered flag as we each crossed the line.

Paul and Charlie Markland finishing. How on earth did they manage to nurse the Buick all the way back to Rio?

Chris Denham in his 1953 Alvis crossing the finish line.

More finishers:

Being towed across the line!!

Rolf and Inez Pritz finishing.

The president of Brazil, F.E. Cardoso, was also due to arrive at the Sofitel for a meeting. We waited ages for his helicopter to land at the Fort, then it finally came during the Inca Trail Arrivals Ceremony!

 There was strict security with 2 helicopters landing in the end - very impressive. Some competitors were held back from finishing until the president had been taken to the hotel. It was very hot and sticky. Most people have now arrived, including the Mitchells who have come back specially from New Zealand for the End of Rally party - a great surprise! Patsy is still in plaster, but progressing well.They are both extremely grateful to Greg Williams. Also, Mark Human has returned after being with Paul Marsh. We went to the bar next door for drinks and snacks and Nicky came to join us, along with Colin, the Robinsons and the Mitchells. Steve is in Buenos Aires. We will see Nicky and Steve on Sunday morning. We went up to bed and had fruit salad and ice cream from room service